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About Us

The Lunar Rogue Pub was named after New Brunswick's most celebrated rogue Henry More Smith (circa 1815, aka. Henry Moon ...see the Lunar Rogue Story serial on this website). It opened its doors at 625 King Street in downtown Fredericton at 4:00pm on May 11, 1989. The Lunar Rogue Pub was designed by Donna Webber in the Loyalist/Colonial style unique to the Lower Saint John River Valley and as depicted at New Brunswick's famous King's Landing Historic Settlement for which David Webber was the original designer.

Since 1989, "the Rogue" has become the standard that others try to reach. It is most noted for the quality of its staff and the outstanding service they provide. That's coupled with its variety of products on tap, high quality wines by the glass and the availability of cocktail favourites, to over 500 Single Malts and Premium Blends, all backed with the quality of food and atmosphere you'd expect "down east". It truly provides "quality without pretence" and lives up to its description as "...a maritime pub, an old tradition done right".

Over the years, the people of Fredericton have made The Lunar Rogue Pub their "local pub", and bring visiting family, friends and associates to "the Rogue" with pride. It is where friends meet each day. Indeed, many of the decorative mugs which hang behind the Pub's bar actually belong to patrons who leave one of their favourite personal mugs there for their own use, much in keeping with the old tradition among British sailors in their home ports. To Frederictonians, the coming of spring is marked each year by the day that the Lunar Rogue Pub's outdoor patio is put in place.

Locally owned, the Staff and Management understand that The Lunar Rogue Pub is "an original...one of a kind", unique to Fredericton and an important part of the City. We take our responsibility to the people of Fredericton very seriously ...every day.

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