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The Story of the Lunar Rogue

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With a reward on his head, and the possibility of the “noose” should he be captured, tried and convicted, Henry should have been making haste out of the province. But logic and prudence were evidently not his strong suit.

The morning after his escape he stole a watch, 8 dollars and some clothing from a Mr. Bailes. Two days later, he stopped at Nathaniel Veal’s tavern opposite Gagetown and left with a set of silver teaspoons. Next he visited a Mr. Solomon Perley in Maugerville where he tried to sell the teaspoons and, being unsuccessful, stole a new pair of boots and took his leave. He then stopped in a Bailey’s tavern, conducted some “business” and was later seen under a bridge counting his money. Later, just outside Fredericton, the Lunar Rogue stopped at Ingraham’s Tavern where he spent the night, then paid his bill, gathered up his belongings, as well as a suit, cloak and personal articles belonging to Ingraham, and continued on his way.

Henry’s route was taking him toward the American boarder at Woodstock but there was nothing in Henry’s actions that indicated he felt any great urgency. He played the gentleman, impressing those he met with his apparent honesty and charm and entertaining them with his wit. But it could not be said that he played favourites. He robbed them all in turn until he was finally captured a few miles short of the American boarder.

Henry was taken to Fredericton where he admitted to being the escapee from Kingston Jail and was ordered returned for trial. The order was one thing, getting the Lunar Rogue to Kingston was another.