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The Story of the Lunar Rogue

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Jack Paterson noticed some hay strewn around a shed on his property just outside Fredericton and, upon investigation, discovered a trespasser. The man explained he was a traveller on his way to buy some land and had put up in the shed overnight. He hoped it had not caused the owner any trouble. Paterson assured him it was no trouble at all and left, however, when he saw the man climb out the hay shed window a few moments later and sprint to the woods, he knew all was not right.

With some assistance, Paterson set off in pursuit and the stranger was quickly overtaken. When it was discovered that he was none other than the famous escapee, Henry More Smith, he was promptly handed over to the sheriff of York County who ordered him returned to Kingston at once.

Given Henry’s reputation, no one was going to take a chance on another escape and so the Lunar Rogue was prepared for transport. He was hand cuffed and an inch and a half wide iron collar with a hinge and clasp was fitted around his neck and secured with a padlock. One end of a ten-foot iron chain was attached to the collar and, with Paterson holding the other end; the party boarded a sloop and set off for Kingston.

They arrived at mid-night and with Henry, appearing composed and indifferent, was thoroughly searched and confined to the cell from which he had escaped nearly a month earlier. Walter Bates, the High Sheriff of Kings County, had his prisoner back in jail but there was no time to feel smug. The contest between Bates and the Lunar Rogue had just begun.