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The Story of the Lunar Rogue

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With a special warrant issued in Nova Scotia for the arrest of Frederick Henry More for theft, the Lunar Rogue arrived in Saint John in July, 1814 in the name of Henry More Smith. Typically, Henry settled in easily.

Officers of the 99th Regiment enjoyed his company and described him as a charming man, familiar with the military and knowledgeable about horses. But the Lunar Rogue was a master of charm, cunning and deceit. He could assess a situation, see an angle and contrive a scheme at a moment’s notice without the slightest twinge of conscience.

Noting the two horses drawing Colonel Daniels’ carriage, were different colors, and remembering a black horse in Cumberland that would be a perfect match for the black, Henry made the colonel an offer. For an advance of fifteen pounds, and leaving his own horse as a guarantee, he offered to go to Cumberland on a sloop and return with the horse. If satisfied, the Colonel could buy it for fifty pounds. The Colonel agreed, but the plan was too straight forward and not profitable enough for the Lunar Rogue.

In fact, Henry planned to steal a horse, ride it to Cumberland, sell it, steal the black horse, ride it back, sell it to the Colonel, reclaim his own horse and make a hasty escape to the United States.

Henry stood to make about ninety pounds on the horses and we can assume, given his nature, more than a few items would disappear from households along his route.