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The Story of the Lunar Rogue

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Henry Moon arrived in the Rawdon area of Nova Scotia about 1812 and found employment under the name of Frederick Henry More with a family and local landowner, James Bond. A year later, he eloped with the employer's daughter, Elizabeth, moved to Windsor, NS, and established himself as a tailor/peddler.

Customers in the area were amazed that Henry could sew them a suit of clothes of the finest fabric in only a couple of days. As a peddler, Henry also did very well. It was noted that he made frequent business trips to Halifax usually leaving late in the morning and returning early the next day with bundles of goods.

Given the time necessary to make the 90 mile return trip to Halifax on horseback, he had to have conducted his business at night, - and hastily. Perhaps his customers, well pleased with the quality and price of the items, thought it prudent not to ask questions. In other camps, however, questions abounded. At about the same time as the peddler from Windsor was having such success, a rash of robberies occurred in Halifax and suspicion turned to Henry.

Eventually, however, it was his work as a tailor that proved him guilty. One of the local men visited Halifax in a suit Henry had made for him and it was instantly recognized by the gentleman from whom it had been stolen a few weeks earlier.

Upon investigation, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Frederick Henry More. It was time for the Lunar Rogue to move on.